About Southfield Grill

Southfield Grill has been serving up homemade southern classics since 2002 at the original Southfield Road location, making us a gathering place for locals and newcomers alike. In 2010, we expanded to include a new location on Jewella Avenue and a new owner – Tony Pagni. Tony went on to open a third location on Benton Road in Bossier City and is now the sole owner of all three Southfield Grill locations. Tony has invested many years in the restaurant industry and was a longtime Southfield Grill patron before becoming the owner. His take on Southfield Grill? “It’s like Grandma’s cooking – casual, friendly comfort food. Who doesn’t love that?”

To-Go Orders

Owner Tony Pagni readies call-in orders for pick-up

Southfield’s comfort food is a neighborhood staple, drawing a crowd even in the worst weather; in fact, they regularly stay open to feed those who have lost power or gotten caught in a storm. Our place in the community is about more than just food.­ It’s about bringing people together and creating a sense of family.

Each location has the same menu, the same standards, and the same high-quality service. Many of the servers and cooks have been with us for years, and we love welcoming customers back to familiar faces and tastes. In fact, several of the cooks who opened the original location are still cooking up their signature dishes there today, and we consider these ladies the heart and soul of the “back of the house”.

Our time-honored dishes speak for themselves, but Southfield Grill’s community is our biggest source of pride. Whether you’re an old friend or a new one, you’ll always find a spot at our table.Manager Chris